Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hillgrass Bluebilly FTW Presents: the Whiskey Daredevils

What happens when it's 4 in morning, you're searching for inspiration and you're listening to the Whiskey Daredevils while you watch family guy!? Pretty much what you see here... the Whiskey Daredevils have a song called Planet of the Apes and use the Easy Rider with an ape head... long story short, while trying to figure out how to use the Planet of the Apes theme Family Guy cut to a shot of Conway Twitty from Hee-Haw, I liked the jacket he was wearing and decided that it would be a cool concept. I couldn't find Conway in a decent jacket so I searched for Buck Owens and found this shot of him, added the ape head with aviators and BAM! here it is. The large star design also came from a Buck Owens poster, I just took it a step further.

Here is how I came up with the Ape/Buck picture.

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